When Should You Replace the Your Volkswagen Jetta Battery?

November 10th, 2019 by

With the winter arriving, it’s finally starting to cool down in east Texas. And at Hiley VW, now is a good time to remind our customers of the regular maintenance that new and used Volkswagen cars need. For instance, batteries have a nasty habit of going out at the worst time, but did you know you can predict how long your 2020 Volkswagen Jetta’s battery will last by analyzing the elements of your car’s day-to-day experience.

Temperature is one of the most common killers of batteries. Batteries in general do better in cooler climates, even going beyond five years, while hot climates (like our own) degrade and destroy your Jetta’s battery much more quickly, dropping their life expectancy to more around three years. Sometimes it’s not just the weather making things hot – some vehicles have their batteries situated too close to the engine, and the excess heat makes it just as bad as a triple-digit scorcher in July. In that case, our Volkswagen service technicians can apply heat shields to keep your battery running longer.

For an element of battery health that doesn’t require massive work on your vehicle’s body, consider your driving habits. If you like to drive a lot of short distances (5 miles round trip, tops) using a lot of battery-draining features like extreme AC, loud music, and your vehicle’s charging ports, then you can drain the battery of a charge faster than your engine’s alternator can replace it. Maybe drive a little longer, or leave your vehicle idling without anything on for a few moments to play catch-up.
The best way to keep an eye on your Jetta’s battery is by coming into Hiley VW’s Volkswagen service center for routine maintenance. Our expert technicians make sure everything’s in top shape and can replace your car’s battery for you if needed. Schedule an appointment today!
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