How to Use Your Volkswagen if Your Key Fob Dies

Push- start technology has drastically simplified the way we drive-but what happens when your little key fob runs out of juice? With some automakers, you're just out of luck until you replace the key fob's battery. However, Volkswagen offers alternatives to help you access and start your car without a charged key fob. 

Volkswagen Interior 

Getting into your Volkswagen

Pop off Lock Cylinder Cap

   If your Volkswagen has a lock cylinder cap, you can use your key to pop the cap off by inserting it into the small divot on the bottom of the cap. Insert and gently pull the key towards you; the cap should gradually come off.

   Now that the lock cylinder is exposed, you can use your key to enter your Volkswagen the old-fashioned way. 

Extract Key From Fob (CC & Touareg)

   On CC and Touareg models, extract your key from the fob by pressing the button on the side of your fob until the emergency key appears at the top. Pull the loop to fully remove the key, then unlock your Volkswagen. 

Turning on your Volkswagen

   If your fob is low on battery and your VW won't start, hold the fob against the base of the steering column and then press the start button next to your shifting knob.

   On CC and Touareg models, you'll need to fully insert your key fob into the ignition slot.

2015 Volkswagen Interior 

Be sure to replace your battery at your earliest convenience! While Volkswagen has built in plenty of failsafe measures to ensure you are never locked out of your car, your key fob battery must be replaced eventually. Most VW key fobs will require a CR2032 replacement battery, which can be found at Walmart, Target, and other large home-goods retailers, or ordered online through Amazon

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