Change the Oil on Your Volkswagen Atlas at Hiley VW of Arlington’s Service Center!

January 10th, 2020 by

With the joy of the holidays no longer around to distract us from real life, now is probably a good time to get your 2020 Volkswagen Atlas looked at. After all, if it has been a couple months, it’s probably the right moment for an oil change. And at Hiley VW of Arlington, we make sure that your car is looked after with the utmost care, from oil changes to radiator replacements.

A lot of people end up missing their scheduled oil changes for one reason or another. This is usually a bad move because it’s terrible for your engine and can cause lots of problems down the line. Old engine oil is like a ball and chain on your VW’s wheels – it drags down performance, gas mileage, and causes undue stress on your engine block, draining its lifespan. Over time, engine oil accumulates combustion impurities and metal shavings which reduce its viscosity and make it harder to reach the entirety of the engine block as well as reducing the effectiveness of the oil’s heat-dampening properties.

So when you bring your Volkswagen Atlas in for its oil change, we’ll sweep everything unnecessary from your engine block and replace it with top-quality engine oil, which will keep your block running smoothly for months. While we’re there, our certified Volkswagen technicians look at other vital systems that need a lot of replacing: brakes, filters, fluid levels, etc. If there’s anything that looks like it needs to be replaced, we take care of it, using only official Volkswagen equipment to ensure fitment and quality for the long haul.

So what are you waiting for? Come into our Arlington, TX VW service center to keep your new Volkswagen cars in peak condition for the winter.

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