Switch to the VW e-Golf in Fort Worth

You might live in an oil-rich state, but that doesn’t mean you still need to spend your money on expensive gasoline. Electric car technology has improved considerably in recent years. If you’re interested in electric vehicles, but you don’t want to give up the features you love in your gas-fueled car, you should take the 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf for a test drive around Fort Worth, Texas. It could convince you that now is the time to go electric.

An Impressive Range

Image via Flickr by RobGreen

Image via Flickr by RobGreen

The 2016 VW e-Golf can drive anestimated 83 miles on a full charge. That means you can commute from Fort Worth to downtown Dallas and back without running out of power. The e-Golf offers a better range than many electric cars because it uses regenerative braking to keep the battery charged.

While you can’t drive the e-Golf all the way to the coast, the battery does store enough power for daily driving. If you want an affordable commuter car, it’s hard to beat the 2016 e-Golf.

The Cargo Space You Expect from a Hatchback

It’s often difficult for car manufacturers to build electric vehicles without reducing interior and cargo space. The large battery, after all, has to go somewhere. That usually means sacrificing the cargo area.

The engineers at Volkswagen, however, managed to keep the e-Golf’s cargo capacity at 22.8 cubic feet. In fact, the e-Golf and the gas-engine Golf have the same interior dimensions. That means you save money on gas without giving up the cargo space that you expect from a hatchback.

The Safety You Want for Your Family

Volkswagen has loaded the 2016 e-Golf with impressive safety features, including:

  • Stability control
  • Traction control
  • A rearview camera

The e-Golf even comes standard with a post-crash braking system designed to stop you from hitting other obstacles after an accident.

Perhaps most importantly, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the 2016 Volkswagen Golf its highest rating in all categories, which translates over to the e-Golf as well, since both models are equivalent in design.

Awesome Interior Features

The e-Golf’s interior is almost identical to the gas-engine version. Other than the power display where you would normally find the tachometer, there aren’t any noticeable differences. That’s good since the Golf comes with awesome interior features.

Some of the most noteworthy standard features include:

  • Climate control with rear vents
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • A heated windshield
  • USB ports
  • An SD card reader

A 6.5-inch touchscreen also comes standard. This keeps you in full control of the car’s navigation and entertainment options. Upgrading to the SEL Premium version, however, gives you an eight-inch touchscreen that is even easier to use.

Volkswagen designed the e-Golf’s interior with comfort in mind. You’ll find yourself surrounded by quality materials that are soft to the touch. Although it’s not leather, the premium vinyl upholstery feels practically as nice and is easier to take care of.

Some drivers still think that electric vehicles struggle to keep up with their demands. Unless you take frequent road trips, though, the 2016 e-Golf will probably match your needs. Take one for a test drive in Fort Worth to decide whether it’s right for you.

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