How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Platform for Your Car Dealership

If your dealership doesn’t have a presence on Twitter, you’re missing out on an effective marketing tool that delivers results. Consider this: Marketshare revealed that Twitter generated $716 million in auto sales in 2013 alone. And the ROI is equally impressive, with one dollar generating nearly $18 in the luxury car market and nearly $8 in the mid-size segment.

Twitter offers car dealerships an excellent opportunity to communicate directly with customers and increase branding. If you’re new to the platform, here are some tips for using Twitter to market your brand.

Create Twitter-Exclusive Offers

Image via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Image via Flickr by mkhmarketing

Encourage engagement with your Twitter followers by tweeting exclusive offers such as “Mention this tweet and get 20 percent off an oil change,” or “Say you saw it on Twitter and get $500 of a new car today.” This is also a great way to grow your audience by showing the unique value of following you on Twitter.

Include Photos

Tweets with photos generate more engagement than any other type of content. While you can’t go wrong tweeting pictures of your inventory or a new vehicle you want to showcase, you can get more creative to create a sense of intimacy with your followers. Did one of your employees have a new baby? Ask if you can tweet a photo of the new arrival. If your dealership sponsors any community events, take plenty of pictures and tweet them out. Don’t forget to use hashtags; they boost engagement by 16 percent.

Respond Promptly

People use Twitter as a way to communicate directly with your brand and they don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to getting a response. Over 60 percent of Twitter users expect a response within two hours when they reach out to you with a question or comment. If they have a complaint? Three in four expect a response in under an hour. Make sure someone in your dealership is responsible for continually monitoring your Twitter account and responding to tweets and mentions.

Be Agile

Twitter is an intimate and immediate platform, perfect for turning local events into opportunities to engage with your target audience. Is heavy rain in your forecast? Tweet a reminder to check your windshield wipers for wear or a how-to video for safe driving in bad weather. Did your local sports team have a big win? Tweet congratulations and a photo of one of your vehicles with a team window decal or bumper sticker temporarily attached.

Consider Twitter Ads

While Twitter advertising costs more than Facebook, it also delivers about seven times the click-throughs. Twitter lets you set an overall budget for both follows and retweets; typical rates are about $2.50 for follows and $1.50 for retweets. In most cases, it’s best to use Twitter advertising to promote a really attractive sale or offer as opposed to an ongoing campaign.

Twitter is the most direct and personal social media platform, so tweet the way you’d talk to your friends to keep followers interested and engaged, and always respond promptly. If you use it well, it won’t take long to discover the power of Twitter in marketing your dealership.

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