Avoiding Flat Tires with Hiley Volkswagen of Arlington, TX

February 7th, 2020 by

Many of our customers ask us, ‘how do I avoid a flat tire?’ and at Hiley Volkswagen, we’re the experts. We’re a Volkswagen dealership that cares about your tires and can show you how you can avoid a flat through proper tire care.

Avoiding a Flast Tire

So, how do you avoid getting a flat tire? Surprisingly enough, flat tires aren’t inevitable, and through proper maintenance, you can improve your chances of never finding yourself stuck on the side of the road with a flat.


The first lesson in proper tire care is air pressure. Every tire has a certain air pressure range, and if the amount of air in your tires falls below or above that range you can run the risk of a suddenly popped tire. For this reason, we recommend that drivers check the air pressure of their tires once a month to ensure things are well within the appropriate range.


Our second lesson is knowing when to replace a set of tires. While the NHTSA recommends that you change out your tires every six years, we recommend that you go based on the tread depth of your tires. Tires with shallow tread, or uneven wear, may need replacing well before that six-year cut-off.


Our third and final lesson is knowing how to avoid potentially tire bursting obstacles. Potholes, poor road conditions, or even a stray nail can lead to a premature flat, and staying aware of the road at all times can help you avoid these threats.


Our VW service center staff can provide all the tire care you need. From oil changes to rotations, we do it all and more here at Hiley Volkswagen of Arlington, TX.

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