A Look at Volkswagen’s Mystery SUV

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Volkswagen is known for many things; it’s a common first car for many young drivers, and the cars are great for young couples. For many years now, the Volkswagen line-up hasn’t had an SUV. Well, the time has come to add one. The photos and reviews have been released for the new Volkswagen SUV.

What We Don’t Know

This new SUV is being released at a time when Volkswagen could really use some good publicity. What we know about this new SUV is limited, as the media has only been granted a sneak peek, and the vehicle hasn’t even been given a name. A few writers were lucky enough to travel to Chattanooga, Tennessee — where the SUV will be produced — and take it for a test drive.

Not many details were released about the car’s specs, let alone the look of the exterior. The SUV had padded covers on the front and back, while parts of the interior — such as the dashboard — were also covered. The testers weren’t even permitted to photograph the interior. For now, we’ll all just have to imagine what this SUV will look like.

What We Know From the Test Drive

Although no specs were given, those who drove the Volkswagen SUV were able to extrapolate some information about its handling. To really road test the SUV, they took it out to some dirt trails in rural Tennessee. The 3.6-liter, V-6 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission purred along and performed exactly as could be desired. The test drivers report that the cabin stays calm and quiet even over the biggest bumps and toughest roads. An added bonus is the SUV’s visibility. With thin A-pillars, the wide-open spaces make it easy to watch for cars and other hazards.

The Feature That’s Not a Secret

The secrecy surrounding this SUV is making it all the more interesting. No photos were allowed inside the vehicle. The test-drivers noted that, just like the outside, parts of the inside were covered with black padding that made it hard to see any unique qualities. For those who are loyal Volkswagen customers, this three-row, seven-seat SUV might be just what they need for transporting their family and goods around town.

The test drivers also noted that the Volkswagen SUV has a spacious, comfortable interior. After the test drive, the coolest innovation was demonstrated: a tilting second-row seat. The second-row seats tilt forward on the axis and slide on rails, creating an easy entrance to the third row without ever folding the seats. The head and legroom in both the back seat and the third row are spacious enough even for two adults. All of the room afforded the back of this car makes it one of the largest and most comfortable vehicles in its class.

As a bonus, the Volkswagen SUV has an interesting color palette that includes an eye-catching shade of gold. Whether you’re interested in the driveability, comfort, size, color, or just the brand name of Volkswagen, this mystery model is sure to satisfy.
Source: Hiley VW Blog

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