4 Volkswagens Perfect for an Arlington Road Trip

October 5th, 2016 by

Arlington, Texas, has the unique distinction of being a decent-sized city that somehow wound up wedged between the truly massive cities of Dallas and Fort Worth. As a result, if you were to start in the center of Arlington, you’d find nothing but urban streets and neighborhoods in every direction.

It’s no wonder, then, that so many Arlingtonites like to go on road trips and camping trips to get away from the big-city bustle. If you’re going to be heading out onto the hundreds of thousands of miles of open road in Texas soon, you should consider heading out in a Volkswagen vehicle. Here are a few reasons why:

Golf SportWagen

Wagons may not be the most popular car shape in America, but they are indisputably great for road trips. They use less gas than a larger SUV or a minivan, they drive like a car, and they still have plenty of cargo room for luggage and sports equipment. In the case of the Golf SportWagen, you can get up to 66.5 cubic feet with the rear seats folded or 30.4 cubic feet with them up. Moreover, despite the extra-long rear, the SportWagen shares the Golf’s approach to a sporty ride.

Golf GTI

If your idea of a road trip is less about a family vacation and more about you and your friends taking turns behind the wheel of a powerful car, then the Golf GTI or Golf R offerings are the hatchbacks you’ve been looking for. The Golf has a long history on the track and at rallies, and both the GTI and the R trims reflect that history. As for which model to pick, that mostly depends on how much you’re willing to spend on performance.


The Touareg is something of an odd duck in the Volkswagen lineup. VW has a separate brand for luxury vehicles. However, the Touareg is a luxury SUV you can get straight from the People’s Car Company. As such, it doesn’t just offer between 32.1-64 cubic feet of cargo space (depending on the seat positions). It also offers the latest safety and driver assistance features, 7,700 pounds of towing capacity, and a quality interior that can keep everyone happy for hours on end.


Volkswagen introduced a new version of the classic Beetle (not to be confused with the New Beetle of the 2000s). This time, the design actually resembles the original shape instead of a dome. The modern Beetle might not have the space of a SportWagen, the engine of a Golf R, or the towing power of a Touareg, but there’s still something alluring about driving around in a new version of one of the original road trip icons.No matter what kind of road trip you’re going on, Volkswagen makes a vehicle for exactly that situation. Therefore, the next time you think about getting out of Arlington, you should consider doing so in a VW.
Source: Hiley VW Blog

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