4 Reasons Arlington, TX Drivers Should Invest in the 2016 VW Touareg

If you spend a lot of time in the car, have a big family to haul around, or simply like the feel of an SUV, then a luxury model like the VW Touareg is a great option. The 2016 version is facing some serious changes from its predecessors, mainly that it’ll no longer be hybrid. The new version of this SUV is now more fuel-efficient and has great luxury features that’ll make Arlington driving a pleasure.

Price Reduction and Availability

The 2016 model of the VW Touareg is going to be over $2,000 cheaper than older models. The starting price is now $42,705, with Lux and Executive models adding several thousand dollars. The Touareg’s specific release date for the American market hasn’t come out yet, but experts expect it to become available in late 2015.

Diesel Fuel Efficiency

The old hybrid model of the Touareg didn’t get especially stellar fuel-efficiency, with its highest mpg reaching only 24 on the highway in the 2015 hybrid model. The diesel model, however, does quite a bit better. With 21 mpg city and 29 mpg highway, the 2016 Touareg offers the highest fuel efficiency of the model since the SUV first came out years ago.

Specs for Commuters

When you live in Arlington, you probably do a lot of highway commuting to Dallas and Fort Worth on top of your typical city driving. The Touareg offers great features that make your life easier whether you’re cruising on an empty highway or stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work.

Adaptive Cruise Control not only lets you maintain a consistent speed on the highway, it also monitors how far away you are from the vehicle in front of you. Forward Collision Warning tells you with a visual and an audio message that you’re headed for a collision. If you don’t brake in time, the automatic braking system will do it for you. Your blind spots are covered, and the car lets you know if you start to drift out of your lane.

Parking in the city can be a pain, especially if you have to parallel park in a tiny space on the left side of the street. So when you’re fighting for those Arlington parking spots, let the Park Distance Control monitor the space around your car and provide a helpful visual, so you can squeeze into that perfect spot without tapping anyone’s bumper.

Luxury Additions

The Touareg’s price cut doesn’t mean the vehicle’s quality will decline. On the contrary, VW has improved the Touareg’s interior in several notable ways, both to enhance comfort and usability. Power seats have their own ventilation and can be adjusted 14 ways. The Executive model also has a power adjust the steering wheel. A hands-free liftgate and a gigantic sunroof add extra convenience to the luxuriously designed interior.

In the 2016 Touareg, you’ll be comfortable driving the Arlington city streets or hitting the highway to visit other parts of Texas. Keep watch on VW for more news about its release date.
Source: Hiley VW Blog

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