VW Golf R Brings Performance to Your Fort Worth Commutes

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Workers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area face longer commutes than most other areas. The average local wastes 45 hours a year in traffic delays, which is more hours than the national average of 33 hours. Only 0.7 percent of people in the metro area use public transport compared to 5 percent across the country. This means that there are more cars on the road in Dallas-Fort Worth, more traffic and, inevitably, longer commutes. With long commutes a certainty, it’s important for Fort Worth locals to choose a vehicle they love. Meet the Volkswagen Golf R.

High-Tech Features

The VW Golf R comes with a technology package that includes several features to make driving easy and safe. Adaptive cruise control improves your commute. Other features, such as lane assist and blind spot detection with cross traffic alert, help you to reach your workplace safely. The entertainment center has been upgraded to an 8-inch touchscreen. You needn’t spend time touching the display while you’re driving, though; the Golf R also has a voice-activated Bluetooth. Unlike many other cars, the Golf R includes certain features at no extra cost. For example, satellite radio and heated seats are standard.

Plenty of Power

When you leave the stop-start traffic of Fort Worth’s city center and enter the suburbs, you can appreciate the VW Golf R’s power. Its 292-horsepower turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is a step up from the GTI. It’s available with either a dual-clutch automatic or six-speed manual transmission. Both perform well, although the automatic has an edge off the mark. It reaches 60 miles per hour from standing in 4.5 seconds, which is 0.7 seconds faster than the manual.

The Golf R’s accelerating abilities are matched by its easy cornering skills. No wonder The Globe and Mail suggested the R should stand for rocket. The sports suspension gives the Golf R a smooth ride, even when it’s pushed to the max.

Impressive Fuel Economy

Golf R fans will notice the 2016 models are much more fuel-efficient than their predecessors. Fuel economy is comparable in the manual and automatic models. You won’t notice a difference if you stick to the city; both cars get 23 miles per gallon in stop-start traffic. But if you hit the highway, the manual tends to perform better than the auto; it gets 31 miles per gallon on the open road compared to the auto’s 30 miles per gallon.

Enviable Styling

If you’re like many motorists, you probably care about your car’s appearance nearly as much as your driving comfort. The VW Golf R won’t let you down here. Its style is similar to that of its predecessors, but it’s sleeker and more aggressive. It has twice as many exhaust outlets at the bumper than the GTI, and its day-running lamps gleam with modern LEDs. A wide variety of paint options allows you to personalize your ride.

Living in Fort Worth might mean that your commute is longer than the average American, but it can also be more comfortable and stylish if you drive the VW Golf R.
Source: Hiley VW Blog

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