Finance & Insurance Product Explanations

Hiley Volkswagen of Arlington is proud to work with RoadVantage to bring our customers a family of products that improve the quality of their life as vehicle owners.

View all of the benefits of our products and a full breakdown below:

Tire and Wheel Protection

Some of the finest benefits in the automotive industry come in our Tire & Wheel Protection. Tires and wheels could be replaced at little or no cost to you.

GAP Protection

If you get into an accident and still owe money on your auto loan, then GAP insurance can cover the difference between the estimated value of the vehicle and the amount you still owe on the loan.

Cosmetic Wheel Protection

No one likes scuffing their wheels, so the Cosmetic Wheel Protection plan helps repair and refurbish wheels after they get scuffed or dinged.

Windshield Protection

Cracked and chipped windshields can happen to anyone. RoadVantage's Windshield Protection plan repairs minor crack and chips or replaces the windshield.

Tire and Wheel with Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Nitrogen tire inflation and all the benefits of the Tire and Wheel Protection plan; Nitrogen inflation is cutting-edge inflation technology that can increase your tires' performance.

Theft Protection

Protect yourself from car thieves with Theft Protection from RoadVantage. Dealing with a stolen car can ruin your day, let RoadVantage help.

Door Ding Protection

Dings and dents can be a real pain and extremely frustrating. With Door Ding Protection, RoadVantage will repair those minor dents to have your Volkswagen looking like new again.

Environmental Protection

The elements can take a toll on your vehicle's exterior paint, interior leather or cloth, and other parts of your vehicle. For added protection, RoadVantage offers the Environmental Protection plan.

Key Replacement Protection

If you ever lose the key to your Volkswagen, RoadVantage can help you get a replacement free of charge.

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