Dashboard Warning Lights

There are many reasons why your car might trigger a dashboard warning light. In some cases, the lights may simply let you know that cruise control or your high beams are on; however, some warning lights indicate serious issues with the vehicle. Discover what some important dashboard warning lights mean. 

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Color Coding

Though there are some exceptions, most lights are colored a certain way based on the type of warning the car is giving you.

·         Green/Blue - These lights are typically just a notification that a system is turned on or off. Check out the settings for cruise control, high beams, daytime running lights, overdrive, and the blinkers.

·         Yellow/Light Orange - These lights are a warning that something may be wrong with your car, and that you should have it checked out soon. For example, a check engine light indicates that something may be wrong with the engine, but your car probably won't stop working once it comes on.

·         Red - These lights might mean that your car has a dead or dying battery, the engine may be overheating, or the brakes may have failed. Have your car inspected by a professional as soon as possible. One exception is the seat-belt indicator, which simply lets you know that you're not buckled up properly.





Common Warning Lights

Below is a list of warning lights that appear most frequently.

·         Check Engine Light - This light lets you know that the computer has set a diagnostic code. It's usually due to emissions control issues or misfiring. It can go off for something as simple as a loose gas cap or as complex as a faulty catalytic convertor.

·         Battery/Charge Light - This light lets you know that your battery isn't charging properly. There may be corroded wires, a faulty alternator, or you may simply have a dead battery.

·         Oil Pressure Light - Your oil pressure usually dips when you have a leak, though your engine may simply burn up the oil over time.

·         Temperature Light - This indicates that your engine is overheating. Never open the radiator when this light is on, as you could be severely burned. This light may mean that you have a clog or leak in the antifreeze/coolant system.

·         Brake Light - While your ABS light merely indicates that ABS may not be working, the Brake Warning Indicator may mean your brakes are failing to work properly. Stop driving as soon as possible and have your car examined by a professional. 

These are just some of the dashboard warning lights to be aware of when driving. If you don't see the indicator light that you were looking for, please see the Volkswagen manufacturer web page for more lights. 

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