4 Coolest VW Bus Conversions

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The Volkswagen Type 2, or the “VW Bus” as most people refer to it, is a cultural icon. The vehicle came to prominence in the 1960s during the counterculture hippie movement, and it remains a symbol of this famous cultural phenomenon. Quite apart from its status as a cultural symbol, the VW Bus is much-loved for its highly customizable design. The VW Bus is commonly converted for other quirky uses other than actual driving, and there are thousands of different versions of the same vehicle to be found on the roads.

But what are the coolest VW bus conversions? Read on to learn about four awesome renovations of this classic automobile.

Mobile Photo Booth

A couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma, came up with an awesome idea by converting their 1973 VW Bus into a mobile photo booth. The innovative idea turns the slightly uncomfortable average photo booth into a welcoming and comforting place to spend time.

An enthusiastic local man named Clay Peevyhouse came up with the idea after he was made redundant from his job with an oil company in the Tulsa area. He runs the photo booth business with the help of his wife, and the couple is proud of the financial success of their business. The fact that the mobile booth brings smiles to customers’ faces is a nice bonus.

The Burger Bus

Converting a VW bus into a food truck isn’t the most original idea, but it sure is brilliant when it’s done properly. The Burger Bus in Vancouver is a perfect example of how useful this particular Volkswagen model can be for people who want to sell street food from a mobile site.

The key impressive features of the Burger Bar food truck are its trunk that doubles as a condiment station and the roof that flips open to uncover an awesome, traditional American-style burger grill.

The BumFuzzle Camper

No list of awesome VW conversions would be complete without including something that people live in while traveling the world. That’s exactly what Bumfuzzle couple Pat and Ali Schulte managed to do with their converted 1958 VW that they used for living and traveling.
The pair traveled most of North America and South America in the van, meaning it has some serious mileage on the clock. They then took it across the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of Europe where it was eventually sold after the couple had their first child.

The Cocktail Car

Talk about drinking in style! The Cocktail Car company, based in London, England, has converted a VW Bus into a fully equipped mobile cocktail bar. Three separate packages are on offer for clients interested in renting the mobile bar for parties and other events. The presence of a mobile bar at events is sure to create a buzz among guests.

That concludes this list of the four coolest VW Bus conversions. Even though the German manufacturer ceased production of the much-loved camper van in 2013, you can be sure that this bad boy will be around for many years to come. It’s quite simply a timeless classic.
Source: Hiley VW Blog

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