3 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Volkswagen

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At Hiley VW, we’re always looking for stuff to share with our Fort Worth, TX area customers. While you may know that our Arlington, TX VW dealership is the place to find great deals on used and new Volkswagen cars, you might not know much about Volkswagen itself. So today, we’ve got a little list of fun facts about the company that gave you the Beetle.

Beetle Babies

Nobody wants to give birth in a car, but Volkswagen used to make sure that if that did happen, there would be a silver lining if the birth took place in the iconic Volkswagen Beetle: a $300 savings bond in the baby’s name. This only worked for human babies, as one disappointed Great Dane owner would find out. However, the momma dog got a case of dog food for her trouble, so she probably wasn’t complaining. Between 1964 and 1989, just over 400 kids received the special “Beetle Baby” bond, as well as a cool story to tell people as an icebreaker.

On Top for a Day

For one brief, shining moment in Volkswagen history, it achieved the status of Most Valuable Company in the World. On October 27, 2008, the company’s market value exceeded then-leader Exxon for a single day. Bigger than McDonalds, bigger than Starbucks, bigger than Apple: Volkswagen.

Good Boys

The ubiquitous red rubber dog toy known as KONG has Volkswagen to thank for its conception: the toy’s creator, a retired police officer named Joe Markham, had the idea for the toy when he realized his German Shepard, Fritz, couldn’t instantly destroy a piece of suspension equipment on the old Volkswagen Bus he was working on.

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